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Types of Surveillance Cameras: which one should you choose?

Surveillance cameras are video cameras used to monitor the behaviour or activities taking place in a particular area. They are used to influence, manage, or observe from a distance using electronic devices. Installing surveillance cameras can help you prevent crimes and protect your property. These cameras can be of various types: each one, having its unique features and benefits. Knowing these benefits would help you install the right cameras. This article will cover some types of surveillance cameras and their uses to help you choose the right one. 

PTZ Cameras

 PTZ, as the name suggests, these cameras have Pan, Tilt, and Zoom Features. With one click, the cameras can be panned (moved) left or right and tilted up and down. The lenses also zoom closer or farther, with a 200m IR night vision to focus on a particular area or movement. However, these cameras require a security guard to operate them and monitor the live moments. So, if you can keep a security guard, then you are good to go. 

Dome Cameras

These cameras come with a dome-shaped cover, mostly used for indoor and outdoor surveillance. The appearance of these cameras makes it difficult to detect where the camera faces, keeping the criminals away. Additionally, they are easy to install. These are vandal-resistant: hard to intervene with the cameras. 

Bullet Cameras

Bullet cameras are highly visible and can observe long distances effectively. As they are easily noticeable, intruders are alerted before entering the premises. These cameras are ideal for outdoor uses as their installed with covers that shield them from water and dust. But, they cannot be tilted or panned automatically unless you do it.

Wireless Cameras

Wireless cameras are easy to install, but you will need stable Wi-Fi connectivity. They would allow you to get access to the videos or the footage over your Wi-Fi network. They also have tilting options to maximize viewing. These cameras give crystal clear images and motion detection for quick alerts of thieves. 

Day and Night Cameras

The name says it all; these cameras capture high-quality images during the day and in low light conditions at night. These types of cameras are ideal for outdoor usage as they can function well, even in a well-lit environment. They also have a protective cover to avoid dust and dirt sticking onto it.


All of these surveillance cameras capture high-resolution images and best for indoor and outdoor uses. If you are looking forward to installing the cameras, then you need to keep in mind the quality of lenses, sensors, and the right resolutions. You need to check the places where you need the cameras installed and see the environment and accordingly choose the correct surveillance cameras.

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