True Benefits Of Switching To Cloud Hosting

If you’re considering a switch to cloud hosting but you’re not sure whether you should do it, you have come to the right place. Considering a switch to cloud hosting, whether it is shared cloud hosting or a fully capable cloud VPS service, doesn’t have to be tricky at all. There are a number of immediate benefits you will be able to enjoy by making the switch.

Cloud Hosting Is (Generally) Cheaper

Cloud hosting is structured differently than conventional, single-server hosting. Instead of sharing a single server among several clients or websites, a cloud hosting service is usually constructed out of a cluster (or clusters). of multiple servers. As a result, you get more web hosting storage space for less. In the long run, the cost of using cloud hosting is also much more affordable than sticking to conventional hosting. Not only will you get more server resources allocated, you will also be able to enjoy the hosting service at a relatively lower cost. I said “relatively,” because some service providers still charge more for what appears to be the equivalent cloud hosting service plan. The plan may be more expensive and may come with the same amount of hosting space and other features. What’s not immediately apparent is the boost in performance. Which brings me to my next point.

Better Performance Under Heavy Load

We all know that one of the main problems with shared hosting is performance. A single server is shared with hundreds, sometimes even thousands, of other websites. You may not get the full performance of the server, especially if your site is on the same server as other resource-intensive sites. This is no longer a problem with cloud hosting. The cloud environment can harness more computing power from multiple servers inside a cluster. The system can also allocate resources much more efficiently, allowing websites to reach their maximum performance even (or especially) under heavy load. The boost in performance is one of the main reasons why cloud hosting is very popular these days. At about the same price, you can expect your site to run faster and smoother, offering an improved user experience that both the users and search engines now value so much.

Improved Reliability

The way cloud hosting is set up makes it perfect for great reliability. Even when a couple of servers inside the cloud environment fail to work, the rest of the cluster will pick up the load. Of course, you can expect a much better uptime from cloud hosting services. There is no doubt that reliability is an important factor to consider when choosing a hosting service, especially since you are competing with a lot of other sites for the same market segment. If immense reliability is what you are looking for, a switch to cloud hosting is exactly what you need. One thing to keep in mind about cloud hosting’s reliability, however, is to not let it influence you too much. I’ve seen a lot of server administrators slacking off making regular backups and maintaining their cloud hosting accounts properly just because they services are so reliable. Stick to that maintenance routine you already have and you’ll be okay.

Scale at Any Time

My personal favorite benefit of using cloud hosting is its scalability. Almost all cloud hosting service can be scaled at any time. When you need some extra storage space for your files or resources, for example, you can ask the service provider to customize your account on demand. Almost every part of the cloud hosting service is customizable; even more so when you choose to use cloud VPS. You can have your own selection of scripts, choose an operating system for the server, configure parts of the server to work with your CMS or web application and do so much more with cloud hosting. When you’re expecting a spike in traffic, you can also add more RAM or processing power to the cloud hosting service. The scaling can be done on a permanent basis – as an upgrade – or temporarily. The later is great if you want to save money while still offer your users the best experience at certain times.

Making the Switch

Switching to a cloud hosting service is no different than switching to a conventional hosting account or setting up a new one. You first need to choose the cloud hosting service you want to use. Once the account is set up, you can start moving your files to the cloud server and complete the migration. Some service providers also offer free migration assistance as part of their service packages. You can have your old hosting account fully migrated to the new cloud hosting service in just a few hours. This is a great added service to consider, especially if you need to make the switch quickly and conveniently.

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