Sony Smart Watch 2 Review With Bluetooth One Touch

The Sony Universal Smartwatch 2 SW2 has a lot of competition out there. Can it stack up against competitors in form and function? This watch is built to be a remote to your smartphone, particularly Android based phones. It connects with the smartphone to help you keep track of the time, meetings, messages and calls that come in, and even plays music. Discover its features, advantages and disadvantages to find out if it has value.

Description and Features

Sony Universal Smartwatch 2 SW2 is compatible with any Android 4.0 device or later version. It offers a simple design with black silicone band and square face for the clock and other functions. This watch comes with Bluetooth and One Touch NFC for its connections. NFC or Near Field Communication means you can use this watch as a mobile wallet instead of taking out your phone, as long as you have the app and connection set up. The watch design uses a translative LCD screen, as well as offering a waterproof and dustproof rating of IP57. To avoid missing contacts, the watch allows you to read messages, view and update social media, use apps, listen to music, take photos, play games, or simply check the time. If you want you can hook it up to any Android device, including a tablet. Receiving or making calls will require a headset, but you can reject, mute calls, browse your call log, or check to see if there are any new emails, texts, or other notifications. You can set the watch to vibrate if you do not want alarm notifications.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Sony came out with the Smartwatch 2 SW2 almost at the same time Samsung released their Gear 2 smartwatch. Unfortunately, Sony’s functions do not stack up against the Samsung. Sony Universal smartwatch is more like a remote that can never replace a smartphone, but is used to make using your smartphone a little easier. In order to use the watch as a phone device you need a headset like a Bluetooth device, so you can talk and listen, because the watch does not provide this. All you are doing is saving a little time taking your phone out of your pocket when you use the watch to place calls or answer them.

It is not disadvantageous to use the watch as a remote particularly when you have a lot of things in your hands or cannot reach your pocket or handbag fast enough. You just cannot expect it to be a standalone device and get rid of your mobile phone. It is very nice to be able to see notifications coming in, answering phone calls, and performing app functions without having to hold your phone in your hand. In fact, you might be in a meeting but also waiting for an important email. With your Sony smartwatch you can see the email come in and address it without being obvious. It offers a dual screen so you can see notifications coming in without removing the time. An impressive feature is the NFC. With Near Field Communication, you can make payments anywhere you wish with your watch instead of dragging out your phone, going through the menu and locating the wallet. This is perhaps the best feature regarding this watch as it sets it apart from other smartwatches currently on the market.

It is also handy that you can access your other apps through the phone rather than holding your phone all the time. Riding in a lift, you can start a game app, enjoy it for a few seconds and simply stop all without having your phone out. Where it can be problematic is with certain apps. Users have found this an area of low function compared to other products like the Gear 2 from Samsung. Another small issue is the watch OS compatibility. If you have an iPhone, this watch is not for you. It only works on devices with Android 4.0, which might mean you need to upgrade your phone or tablet. You can use it with any mobile Android device, which is definitely a positive feature as you have the ability to use it with a tablet instead if you wish. Sony has added at least 4 updates since the launch of the watch. It has helped with battery life, adding more watch face display options, and with apps. Sony does pay attention to comments and thus works to provide updates to the software that are actually useful.

Is this the Right Watch?

Watch owners are happy with the Sony Universal Smart Watch 2 SW2 with Bluetooth One Touch NFC for Smartphones. There are certainly drawbacks, as discussed, and some advantages that can make it better than other devices. Certainly there is value in the NFC One Touch operation if you intend on using mobile wallets for payments, rather than your credit cards or debit cards. Sony certainly works to improve the functionality with the device and fix bugs, as mentioned, in the updates received which adds value to the watch over time. Unfortunately, it has disadvantages, which take away from some of the value found in the watch. If you have no intention of using the NFC options it is not worthwhile to consider the watch for that purpose and value.

With the updates some value is added back that is detracted due to functionality issues on the apps. Overall, someone looking for a Smartwatch has plenty of choices and a comparison of features is required. In reviewing the product Samsung Gear 2 seemed to pull out more value every time against this watch. Certainly paying full price or a high listing price would not make it worthwhile. Other Smart Watches work as remotes and provide you with your Smartphone notifications. So you cannot say the basic functions are fully valuable in a price comparison. Sony does build quality and builds for long lasting technology, therefore, it is not a watch to discount completely until you compare.

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