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V6 Turbo, a French Technology

The 80s saw the advent of turbocharged engines. All brands are thrown voraciously on adding this power quite useful to add character to cars that were desperately short. The smallest model was entitled to his turbocharger and thus offered acceptable performance. Renault, however, had a real legitimacy in this area because it was the first manufacturer to use this technology in Formula 1 from 1977. The Board therefore mastered the subject. In March 1985, the Renault 25 V6 turbocharger is the range top of it.

It is recognisable by its slightly modified front and especially its wheels whose design evokes the blades of a turbine. The R25 has the ambition of the powerful German kid on their own ground. It is not short of arguments for it. Its equipment is in accordance with European standards of luxury, the interior is covered in leather, is equipped with ABS, under the hood, the engine develops 182 hp big giving them a top speed of 225 km / h and rate of nearly 200,000 francs puts it out of reach of most French households. Except that almost twenty-five years later, less than 3000 euros, it is possible to acquire the ultimate 80s.Then enjoy a pleasant journey through time in first class!

VW Golf GTI 16s, the misunderstood

The Golf II released in 1983 is accused of all evils. Too heavy, too bourgeois, too expensive, etc … The list of grievances is endless. All the generations that have followed the original 1974 model have not escaped this wave of unwarranted charges. For purists, there is a Golf that matters is obviously the first! Despite these criticisms, the Golf of all generations have always been at the top of European sales for the past thirty-five years. It is time to look with objectivity and distance that GTI 16 seconds to realise how much she was not this bland bourgeois that all too often described. Because with 139 horsepower, 27 more horsepower than the GTI version,

the 16 s does not figuration on the road. It is simply the most powerful sports of his day. The Renault 5 GT turbocharger 115 hp displays like the Citroën Visa GTI and Peugeot 205 GTI 1.9 in only 130 states. Despite a weight of 960 kg, 16 seconds kills the 1000 start / stopped in less than 29 seconds, an exception in its category and is approaching 210 km / h top speed. His conduct is not peaceful. Equipped with well-spaced box, chassis course, she exudes a lot of fun. On the wet at a high rate, however it requires a little tact.
Ford Sierra RS Cosworth, the rally in the skin

Carlos Sainz, Didier Auriol, Pierre Cesar Baroni have all flown the Sierra RS Cosworth. Hence the impression left by this sports car in memory of rally enthusiasts. This first generation of Sierra Cosworth was launched in 1986 based on the coupe. Its turbocharged 2.0-liter engine developed 204 hp. What madden the times in the stages. It will retain its imposing her wing and its outstanding performance. The object is found in almost its original condition. Most copies sévisse engaged in competition again in the regional competition. You can fall back on later models, including sedans to four wheel drive at the end of the decade 80/début 90 who have not suffered too much from the wave tuning. In all cases, this car is not put in any hands. But what a blast!

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