Pros And Cons Of Modern Technology

Modern technology throughout childhood gradually dominate the small, making it dependent on it, which I very much worry. Clearly, you can not exclude the child’s life and technology is not advisable to do this, but you can enter productively in development. The best approach is to find a balance in your time of its child, the adverse effects and encouraging reduction of eligible benefits.

Risk of the new technological advances on child growing

There are plenty of reasons to worry about when it comes to the invasion of technology among children. Today, they begin to replace many educational games and activities essential for growing with gadgets that are starting to do all the work for them (phones, iPods, internet, etc..). Kids become increasingly absorbed by the power and capacity of these accessories and ignore other technological advances activities. Experts warn that computer addiction or other products of modern technological advances is extremely dangerous for your child. Not only that favors sedentary, but stop and create a rich emotional life and a creative thinking (low social skills, lack of empathy, etc.).

As children spend more time in the company of these products and deepens into them, the more disorganized, have poor school performance is undisciplined, and his health will suffer. Experts say that most teenagers today have difficulties in identifying emotions or feelings to others, which prevent them from feeling empathy or feel joy, anger or other emotions important in emotional development. Besides these effects, babies can assimilate information wrong, inappropriate for their age and may have to do with a degree of violence that affect Internet users behavior and way of thinking.

Benefits of technology in child development

Used sparingly and productive purposes, the technological advances can help the child to develop socially and emotionally. Internet and computers gives the chance to embrace the essential information about what is happening in other parts of the world, learning about different cultures and ethnic groups or to find a wealth of information for educational purposes.

The Internet can foster socialization and knowledge, as long as it is the only tool that does this.

By blogging and online social networks, the child has the opportunity to expose their views and values ​​and can be “heard” in this way, which contributes to increased self-esteem and confidence. He can actively participate and help solve critical social and humanitarian causes. And video games helps small to develop teamwork, fine motor skills and logical reasoning, but to learn and that is competition. Even if technology is considered to kill the little imagination it can become an invitation to thought and creativity, if they are suitable for the chosen means. Technology can become a useful tool for parenting and child development can help monitor whether child care makes such products that establish limits on time spent in the company of gadgets and programs and games that venture. It is essential to have a harmony between technology use and other activities that contribute to its technological advances.

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