Pebble Steel Smart Watch Review Go On, Dive In

The Pebble Steel Smart Watch offers quite a few unique features that set it apart from other smart watches on the market. One of the top features is the underwater rating. You might not be able to use it as a dive computer, but it will last up to 165 feet, and most divers will tell you 30 to 50 feet are where the best spots are. But what if you are not all that into water? Will this smart watch truly provide what you desire in a secondary device to sync with your smartphone? Read more to find out.

Description and Features

Designed to be durable and good looking, the Pebble Steel Smart Watch is fabricated from marine-grade steel with Gorilla Glass by Corning. This Smart phone allows you to have your boarding pass, sports scores or a Starbucks at your wrist. This device comes in two colors: Brushed Stainless Steel or Black Matte. A black watch band of genuine leather is provided with it. This smart watch allows for reading text messages, incoming calls, and any notifications in bright sunlight. It is easy to glance at a watch instead of pulling out your iPhone or Android. If you are into free apps, you will find hundreds of them with this watch. Besides telling the time accurately, you can get the weather, train and airline schedules, as well as stock market quotes. For those with discerning tastes, there are hundreds of watch-faces to suit your style.

No need to have a dive watch unless you are diving up to 165 feet as Pebble Street Smart Watch is waterproof to this depth. The steel band allows the wearer to get wet in the rain or on a boat. The phone is secure and dry. If you like to exercise there is an app to track your progress on your watch. The Pebble App Store abounds with free apps for every part of your lifestyle. Exercise, music notifications and from social media sites are part of their many offerings. Typical things such as e-mail, text messaging, caller ID and calendar alerts are also part of the package on the Pebble watch. Foursquare your way around town or find the perfect restaurant with this functional wrist watch and its many free apps. If you want a long life between charging your Pebble Steel, enjoy the 7 days it gives you.

There is a notification that tells you when your battery is getting low. There is a magnetic cable that attaches to a USB port for ease of charging. Tapping the face of your watch allows the backlight function to illuminate your features. The selection button will get you to the main menu with ease. In this menu you can see your settings, music control and alarm functions. Scrolling is a snap with easy access up and down buttons. If you use Bluetooth with iOS or Android devices you can connect wirelessly. It is better if the phone is an iPhone 4, 5c, 5s and up. The iOS6, iOS7 and iOS8 are also good choices as are Androids with OS 4.0 or better.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Smart watches are designed for the express purposes of making smartphone use a little easier when you might have your hands full, not wish to reach into your pocket, or in general not hold your phone in your hand. It has to be noted whether it is the Pebble Steel Smart Watch or others the disadvantage is that you still need your phone in your pocket. The days are coming when soon the smartphone smart watch will be all one device, but until then, Pebble has some great advantages as a helping hand to your smartphone. It will be able to answer those phone calls, dial up new people, and tell you who is calling. As long as the number and name are in your phone contact list and synced with your smart watch, you can read the display to find out who is calling. If you pay for caller ID you can get whoever is not in your contact list, too.

When necessary, you can use your smart watch instead of your phone for apps. It really does work with the Starbucks app. Just roll up to the window and put out your wrist… unless you wear it on your right wrist. As long as you are driving in a US car and wear your watch on the left wrist you can definitely use it at the Starbucks drive up window to pay for your coffee via gift card. You can also get information like sports scores, GPS directions, and listen to music without taking the phone out of your pocket. All the functions and features mentioned work great. There have been some issues with Pebble’s device. A couple of lemons have appeared that have glitches and factor reset has not worked for them, but luckily this only happens with a minor few.

Is this the Right Watch?

For a smart watch that cannot be its own phone the price to value ratio is a little high. In saying that, this is a device that will sync with your phone while the phone is in your pocket or purse. You must be in close proximity to the phone for its phone features such as receiving a call, dialing, and managing your phone apps. When you can get a free phone with most carriers it seems a bit much to pay for a device that only saves you from whipping out your phone to check the time, answer a call, or use its other functions. Now, if you find value as a person in convenience for a fairly high list price, then there is no problem with this smart watch in terms of the functions it supplies. The water resistance, apps on your wrist, notifications, and other features make it easy to leave your phone in your pocket or handbag for most of your daily activities, therefore, your perception on value determines if you find value where others do not

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