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High flier Drones VS Humans! Who shall lead the way?

Have you any idea how drones are taking over the world by a storm? A few years ago, professionals introduced Drone technology in the Surveying Industry, which has now gathered momentum in almost all industries. It has revolutionized the geospatial industry for the purpose of surveying and geographical mapping. Drone technology is vital in enhancing, surveying and mapping. Countries like ...
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How Do You Identify a Good Educational App

Teachers plan their school day around the curriculum and they will need apps that will fit the educational context. They are looking for apps that will enhance student engagement, improve their productivity and help measure their improvement. Both teachers and students will have to find a way of determining if the apps they are using or are interested in using ...
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V6 Turbo, a French Technology

The 80s saw the advent of turbocharged engines. All brands are thrown voraciously on adding this power quite useful to add character to cars that were desperately short. The smallest model was entitled to his turbocharger and thus offered acceptable performance. Renault, however, had a real legitimacy in this area because it was the first manufacturer to use this technology ...
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Writing & Communication and the Impact of Digital Technology

Digital technology is likely to have an impact on writing, communication and story-telling. Co-director of the American National Writing Project, Elyse Eidman-Aadahl , describes in the video below, how writing and storytelling is evolving through the increased use of digital technologies. The video is part of a series from Edutopia called Big Thinkers on Education which includes videos from anthropologist ...
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