LG G Watch Review An Android Accessory

LG is a company many feel are behind in technology releases with comparison to Samsung and Apple. This is for their phones, smartphones, and even their watches. The LG G watch is one of their first attempts at breaking into the smart watch market to keep up with new technology from their competitors. There are definitely going to be some advantages to the watch, as there are also disadvantages. Reading through the features you might start to get excited about this watch for the busy business person. Finding out whether these features are advantageous or minimal to the overall conclusion on this technology will determine if you can find the value in the price and features provided.

Description and Features

This black, square watch is 1.8 inches x 1.5 inches with a depth of 0.4 inches, and a 2.2 inch touch screen. The screen is LCD allowing you to navigate through the menus and display with relative ease. It is a smart watch built as an accessory to Android devices, particularly smartphones. The watch design is square for the face, with a simple band. For design it is simple and without flash. When this watch is purchased you receive the watch, rechargeable lithium polymer battery, USB cable, charging cradle, and the manual. But there is more in the features supplied within this Smart Watch. It will be compatible with Bluetooth 4.0 technology and devices with Android 4.3 or newer operating systems. By using the Bluetooth syncing ability you can automatically sync up with your devices. As a smart watch it provides a voice activated setting to allow you to speak commands for tasks rather than always using the touch screen.

The display can offer a plethora of information including weather forecasts, flight times, gate information, and much more. As it is Android wear powered it means you have standard smart information like your phone would supply. Its main focus is as a watch for telling the time, but it is also your calendar of events allowing you to receive updates from all Android apps whether you wish to have it on vibrate mode for these alerts or not. It can also have an alarm sound for incoming notifications to keep you on track for the day. Understanding that most want more from their watch, another feature is the built-in pedometer. It will keep you notified of the steps you take, offer a countdown timer and stopwatch for your workouts. The display screen provides a dual watch display for time and date, with alarms to be scheduled as you need them. Internally it has 4GB of memory and boasts the 1.2Hz Qualcomm processor.

Advantages and Disadvantages

The LG G smart watch is generic as one of the first smart watches released. It definitely has a great voice recognition, which might be impressive if you need this feature. It will connect with Android phones simply and you definitely have app options coming out that would be useful. There is no argument on the build quality as it is designed for dust and water resistance. Overall it is easy to use, to charge, and to get the date and time. But, the design is not bold, rather it is simplistic. The battery life is not long at all. You do have to charge it each day, especially if you have it providing you with a lot of notifications or like to use features such as the apps. Unfortunately, the display screen lacks a lot in terms of being outside. Perhaps more focus was placed on making it an everyday watch for inside use, because it is difficult to read the time or other information when outdoors. The notification system does not always pop up with the information most needed regarding an event or other calendar log.

It lacks certain features like the heart rate monitor some might find useful. If you want a watch that tells the time, gives you the date, and can keep up with your events, albeit with some information not displayed immediately, then you probably won’t miss the heart rate monitor. It must be mentioned that this is not a fitness watch. It is not designed in that way. So when considering the features it has or does not have, you need to keep in mind the reason it is available. It is meant to be a smart watch that gives you information that is useful to your business and/or busy schedule. The LG G watch is designed to give you flight times and weather which can be accessed in flight, before a flight, and on the go, rather than digging your phone out of your pocket.

Is this Watch Right for You?

The main difference between this watch and non smart watches is the apps and voice recognition. Otherwise, it tells the time and date with some stop watch features and alarms any other watch provides. Costly is the word for this watch. On its launch it was trying to fit in with the likes of other Smartphone watches, but has not reached the same value. The LG G watch lacks features watches of similar price provide. The design is simple perhaps because LG focused more on their voice recognition and syncing technology over an impressive look. It is certainly not the battery life that makes the price to value reasonable. LG has stated there are more apps for the watch coming, but there are definitely limits on those at the moment. Some do not work as you would hope, which detracts from the overall desire to find value in the components.

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