Lemfo Smart Watch U8 Review Time To Trade In Phones

Is it time to trade in your phone for an all-inclusive watch? Certainly many companies are trying to move us more in this direction. More and more you see commercials about smart watches capable of making phone calls, keeping track of appointments, and giving you the time of day. But are you really ready to let go of that phone in your pocket and convert completely to your watch? It takes finding out about smart watches and current products on the market such as the LEMFO Bluetooth Smart Watch U8 watch fit for smartphones. Learn about the features to understand what advantages and limitations the watch might have.

Description and Features

This watch offers a 1.48 inch LCD touch screen, which determines the dimensions of the entire phone. The wristband is only slightly smaller in size than the touch screen face. Speaking of the touch screen it is an LCD plus Bluetooth design. Users will get the time, date, week, and battery display on the watch face. It is also possible to answer or make calls directly from your wrist when you wear this watch. You can set up ringing reminders to receive a call and to disconnect the phone. The display will show the number or name of the individuals calling you, allowing you to see if you wish to answer the call or not.

One other feature is the music you can play by syncing up to your phone with Bluetooth. When syncing occurs, all your phone book comes over including information from WeChat, Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Skype and other devices. It is an Android and iPhone based device, with multiple languages supplied in the event you feel you need to convert some text. It works as a stopwatch, picometer, altitude meter, barometer, and can even take photographs. The battery life is rated at 6 hours for music and about 160 hours for standby time. Standby time is classified as the time the watch is on providing you date, time and standard watch information or alarms, but not when used as a phone or smart device.

Advantages and Disadvantages

The phone does as promised in advertisements. It will work with the iPhone 5 or Android phones like Samsung. One problem was in syncing with iPhone for music. It was fine to sync, but listening to music and having the phone ring can be a bit strange when you first use it. After a while you get used to the fact that it does both right on your wrist. When in use, it is easy to see the touch screen and is very responsive like your phone. This is great as it will not slow you down in completing a task. It also has great storage capacity for those phone books and apps you might wish to have on it. It will take up to 1000 contacts in the list.

Another advantage is the settings you can place your watch on for text messages, phone calls, and other alerts. There is a vibrate function if you do not want the watch to ring. While using it as a phone to dial or receive calls, you also have the option of looking back over the call list. You can take photos with your watch on remote. Basically, you have your phone sitting where you want it and use your watch to actually snap the picture. It is a lot better than trying to take a selfie on a short arm or finding someone willing to take a photo of you and a friend. You get to set the phone camera down and take the photo at a better angle.

There are downsides. First, the battery life is on the short side if you want to use it for all functions like your mobile phone. When you play music, use it as a phone, play with apps and much more the battery is going to shorten its working time. This is not helpful if you need a watch for 8 to 10 hours a day. You either have to use it as a watch so the battery remains alive to tell the time and remind you of appointments or you need to use your phone. The overall disadvantage is that you cannot just use the watch as your phone. Technology is not quite there yet. You have to use the LEMFO Wrist Watch U8 while the phone is on you. It just makes it possible to leave the phone in your pocket rather than taking it out hundreds of times in a day to look at the time, play music or receive a call.

Is this the Right Watch?

What is really in a smart watch? What makes us think we needed it? By now you should have the answer. The smart watch does everything your phone can do, while your phone is in your pocket or handbag. You no longer have to take your phone out hundreds of times a day to see the time, answer a call, play music, or perhaps play a game. Your wrist unit can do all of that. What it cannot do is completely replace your smartphone at least with the LEMFO U8 version. For now, you still need your smartphone. So if you thought you could just convert to a watch as your phone, you’ve got a bit of a wait.

For those who want the convenience of the watch there is definitely value, so do not lose sight of that. The value comes in all the functions provided for the cost. It is possible to find discounts with this version. You may not want to buy it new at full price, which is essentially the cost of a new smartphone, but by buying it at discount to be a helpful tool during the day, it does have value. When hands free phone calls, reminders, and photo ops are necessary this smart watch delivers. It makes it worth the price when you can find proper value such as taking a call without digging around for that phone.

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