Kidizoom Smart Watch Review Activities On The Wrist

The KidiZoom Smart Watch in blue is provided by VTech. This is a watch for kids rated for 4+ years. It is the kid version of the adult Smartwatch without being a telephone or business calendar device. Instead, it is designed to provide children with activities right on their wrist. The question becomes does it deliver what would be most interesting to children or is it an expensive novelty that they are easily going to become bored with?

Description and Features

The watch is square in design, using a soft plastic casing, much like many of the smartphone protectors you can purchase. It has a square face display with icons rather than words such as a clock, movie film, microphone and game controller. The main feature of this watch is the camera. It helps the young photographer take photos and videos, while also changing the images with fun special effects. As it is a watch it also offers a range of displays both in digital and analogue. It is a useful way to help your children learn how to read analogue clocks and ensure they get continual practice.

There are more than 50 face designs for the clocks. Kids and voice records never seem to go out of style. VTech ensured they would enjoy the watch by offering a voice recorder that will change the sound creating wacky effects. Four games are already loaded on the watch from the manufacturer and VTech has promised to make more available as they work on the technology. Already there are some watch displays available for download at VTech Learning Lodge. nowing kids and their love of playing, VTech tested the watch incorporating splash proof and sweat proof features. It is not water resistant. The battery is rechargeable. It also contains a timer and alarm clock so it can be used for school children to wake up on time.

Advantages and Disadvantages

If your child is easily bored, this watch may not be for them. It is best to realize that smart watches are mainly for fun and not specifically designed for education when it comes to kid versions. The KidiZoom has a few features that make it right for some children. A child who wants a smartwatch for games will not be satisfied with only four games available and with only one more for download at the moment. Yet, a kid right next to them who absolutely loves playing with the camera on their parent’s smartphone will enjoy the fun aspects of taking pictures and recordings, modifying the photos with special effects and showing the results off to their friends. Children who also love to hear their voice will like this watch.

It can be interesting to hear what one sounds like on a play back recording, and better yet, when wacky special effects can be used. As previously stated it has games, but here is where the watch might be a disadvantage for someone older than six. Not only is the game count low, but the games are not highly challenging. They are designed for the lowest user level of 4, so a child already in school or older may find it pointless. You can’t argue with the display screen, though, as it is 1.4 inches. It is large enough for small fingers; even those that might be clumsy can use it without issue. The fact that pictures are used instead of words is also a nice feature as it helps associate the words with the images for younger users. One downside is in thinking this watch is more for education than entertainment. The point of the watch is for something fun that has a few games and features to keep your child interested. It is not meant to be educational in offering different clock faces to learn from.

The 50 clock faces and those you can download are to keep your children entertained with new looks on the watch rather than for teaching. Still, you do have options in terms of digital and analogue, including a couple that have the lines and not the 1 through to 12 that makes it easier for children to tell the time. As it has alarms it also works as a great device for adults. If you want your child back at a certain time you can set this up on the watch. You can even have it go off every 30 minutes so they have to check in with you and cannot use the excuse they were unaware that 30 minutes went by. The watch is not made for excessive water. A little accidental rain, sweat, or a splash of water will not damage the watch. Unfortunately, submersion in water such as at bath time definitely will. It is the one feature that can lower the value of the watch slightly. Children love to play and water can be a particular draw. The watch could be ruined quickly due to a lack of water resistance.

Is this the Right Watch?

Technology never comes at a low price if you want multiple features. It is difficult to spend the full price on a smart watch for children knowing that they could lose it, break it, or get bored very quickly with it. Yet, for responsible children, it is possible to find the value. A child that would like the features will get the appropriate use out of the device and you would find value in it. Yes, there are non smart watches that allow you to set an alarm. But these watches do not have games, voice recording, or video/camera capabilities that will increase the likelihood your child will want to have the watch with them at all times. Searching around for the watch to find discounts is a better way to buy the watch. The major disadvantage of not including water resistance can take away any value the games and other features add. If you want a watch to use as an alarm there is no value. If you want an alarm, plus games and camera there is definitely value at the proper price.

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