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Tips and Tricks To Help You Keep Your Mac Book in Top condition

Mac book always means a big investment for anyone. So the moment you have recently purchased one, you have to ensure that it is well maintained. This is to guarantee that you may not need to replace it for years.

You can get started by searching for mac store in Auckland and hire expert services for the maintenance task. You can also perform DIY techniques regularly so it may not need to be replaced for years. Expert Mac book technicians will always guide you to simple tips and tricks to take care of your laptop or tablet.

Best Diy Care Tips for the Good Health of Your Mac Book

  1. Always Use Latest Versions

If you are having an old version, it is better to update the software for the latest version. If you have recently purchased your Mac Book, then regularly, you have to ensure the software is updated for the latest software versions.

Developers always ensure that the latest software versions are updated for better performance. You have to DIY updating tasks on your own.

  1. Always Maintain Free Space

When using drive space, it is advisable to use only 10 to 15 percent of its capacity as permanent storage for files and folders. Try and ensure that over 209 percent of the drive space is always free. This factor is important so your Mac book does not get slow when performing any task.

Files and folders should always be maintained in a cloud storage space so the drive is always free for other tasks.

  1. Always Maintain Factory Settings

Any laptop or desktop is best set the moment you purchase it directly from its manufacturers. This means that the laptop of Mac book should always be maintained as per its factory settings. This is also the best configuration that has been approved by its developers.

Making minor or major changes in factory settings can also affect their performance.

  1. Clean the Disk Very Often

It is also advisable that when using the Mac Book very often you should try and clean the disk very often. All temporary memory has to be cleaned regularly. You can also try and take a backup of all data and store it in the cloud base.

At regular intervals of time, it is also advisable to format the =disk very often so its new memory status is restored to normal.

Over some time, if you are using Mac book daily, the memory and its internal drive space are used up constantly. The moment you clean the system, all this space is set back to the initial counter. This is one of the most effective ways to maintain the good condition of Mac books for many years.

You also need to ensure that you only use a secured network connection with a safe Firewall setting.

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