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High flier Drones VS Humans! Who shall lead the way?

Have you any idea how drones are taking over the world by a storm? A few years ago, professionals introduced Drone technology in the Surveying Industry, which has now gathered momentum in almost all industries. It has revolutionized the geospatial industry for the purpose of surveying and geographical mapping. Drone technology is vital in enhancing, surveying and mapping. Countries like Thailand have used it to counter deforestation. They are used in curbing wildfires and to drop relief aid during natural disasters.

Traditionally, a ground surveying team would take a minimum of a month to map a difficult 100-acre terrain. You can now do the same job in less than an hour by taking the help of drones. Could you have imagined a few decades ago — an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) changing the industry today in fields like photography, aviation, surveying, mapping, NIR cameras, sensor mounting of data, agriculture and even filming to a custom build? They also offer mapping software that converts your images into precise two dimensional maps and three dimensional models. So, it’s high time you hop onto the bandwagon, and get your hands. Rise Above Custom Done Solutions are the leading and largest supplier of drones in Australia. They make sure to offer the best of quality drones, suiting your different needs, each at affordable prices.

How are drones replacing humans in the surveying sector?

Drones are conquering all over the world and countries like India are no different and are using drones for seed bombing to aid reforestation. Isn’t it such a smart way to apply recent technology and very innovative at that! DJI Ronin S Professional Camera Gimbal Stabilizer provides lightness and stability to hold mirror less or DSLR cameras and enables you to take those stunning survey shots seamlessly. It has an intuitive setup with precision focus that you can maneuver easily. Here’s a quick look at how drones are a step above humans in surveying:

  • Enhance Efficiency: Drones are mechanical and can be used to collect data quickly. They aid in data capture and precision function. Companies can make extremely rapid decisions based on the enormous data pool that is captured. The amount of time required to travel to extreme terrains can be negated especially in unstable areas or areas out of reach. Dangerous areas can be easily accessed with drones, such as those with live power-lines, overflowing dams which are otherwise a source of risk to human life. So, drones are a complete life saver, aren’t they?
  • Safety: As drones are not labor intensive, acres of land can be navigated in a short span of time as opposed to how laborious it would be for humans to manually survey terrains that cannot be easily navigated. Also, one can easily get detailed and crisp images of high mountain views, rivers, vast swamps which are not easily accessible by foot.   There is no risk of safety as with humans and one is not prone to peril at the hands of external elements.
  • Cost effective: Imagine when you have to survey vast amounts of land. It will require enormous resources to support a manual team. When you apply drones to the same situation, there is considerable cost cutting along with saving time and energy, the results being amazingly more accurate than walking through the same piece of land. So, if you want to be saving your money, drones are your go-to solutions.
  • Increase productivity: You can quickly capture required amount of data. It does all the flying on autopilot from takeoff to landing. Drone software can plan the entire flight to cover maximum fields to save time, manpower, natural resources like energy and environmentally is better too. Environmentalists and Ecologists found drones to cause less potential damage when surveying sites. Now, isn’t that good enough a reason to let the drone takeover the surveying industry? Well, maybe that’s precisely why they have already done so.
  • Disaster management: Security planning, real time surveillance and delivery of essential resources like medicine and food, a drone does it all. It almost improves the quality of life as safety for workers is assured. There are no climatic changes to deal with or unnatural hazards they may be prone to.
  • Accuracy and increased value: Surveyors can get the job done efficiently without compromising on errors.  As they fly so close to the ground, accuracy levels are very high. Drones can be used to access what was out of reach earlier thereby saving resources in complex environments to achieve an accurate outcome in an effective manner.

These are just some of the essential differences and advantages of using a drone over the average human surveyor. Drones are increasingly finding use in a broad spectrum of industries and soon will be knocking on your door too. It will continue to be developed as further technologies are introduced and is all set to be an exciting part of the survey sector. So, now do you see how drones are winning the race against humans? Well, that’s not a bad thing, or is it?


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