Garmin Vivo Fit Wrist Band Review With Heart Rate Monitor

A versatile workout watch, the Garmin Vivo Fit Wireless Fitness Wrist Band and Activity Monitor with Heart Rate Monitor provides numerous features and very few disadvantages. If you are someone who likes to do more than run such as cycling, swimming, or using indoor equipment, the Vivo fit can help you. Its very design is about recording the amount of activity you get during the day and ensure you move when you have been sedentary for too long. With the ability to sync with devices wirelessly, monitor your heart rate for calories burned, and monitor your sleep, it is definitely multi-functional. Find out if this watch is everything it is advertised to be and whether it has the value you want.

Description and Features

A new style to watches, the Vivo Fit is designed with a rectangular face rather than oval, circular, or square. This keeps the dimensions down in terms of width at 21mm by 10.5 mm thick. The display screen is 25.5mm x 10mm. This watch does not feature GPS and is water resistant up to 50 meters. It will store up to 3 weeks of 24/7 activity or up to 2 weeks if the heart rate monitor is being used. It does have a heart rate monitor built in. Another feature is wireless technology to help it sync with computers. It uses Bluetooth or USB ANT stick for syncing.

With syncing, information can be uploaded to Garmin Connect for data sharing and record tracking. Users will find a customizable display screen to see all data they feel is necessary like daily step count, distance, goal countdown, calories, time of day, and heart rate information. It monitors the heart rate and the zone your heart is currently in based on the rate it reads. Among other options it has a move bar, which helps you become more active during the day. The bar lights up when there is more than 15 minutes of inactivity. The watch also has the ability to learn your habits in terms of activity as a way to help you with your goals. If worn at night, it will monitor sleep patterns to help you check the quality of your sleep.

Advantages and Disadvantages

The Garmin Vivo Fit wireless fitness wrist band and activity monitor with heart rate monitor is designed for an individual who needs motivation or wishes to monitor their activity level. The ability to track your goals and help you see results about meeting those goals is very handy, particularly if you wish to move about more during the day, rather than just sitting idle. This is not a runner’s watch designed only for running like other Garmin watches.

It is meant to be worn daily to help you track your habits for activity, thus it comes with a longer battery life without having to recharge it. Depending on how often you use all the functions, the watch can last a year or more with the same battery. Its looks are designed to ensure it will match your workplace and outings. With a customizable display you are assured of using the functions you want and seeing the information displayed throughout the day. You can change what shows up such as the move bar to show you that activity is required or calorie counter that helps you see how much you are burning versus what you might be eating. For some sleeping is difficult. They move around a lot, wake up a lot, and simply do not feel rested. This watch can monitor sleeping patterns in terms of movement.

If you move it will record this to show you the quality of your sleep. It might help you feel better about how much sleep you actually get at night. It certainly has helped those who feel restless see how much sleep they truly get and how it relates to the amount of activity they get during the day. As this watch is more than a runner’s watch, you can bike, hike, run, use a treadmill, lift weights, or swim and record your workout information. It is water resistant up to 50 meters, which means it will do fine when wearing it in a pool. The unfortunate part is that while it can monitor your activity, you may not get all information. Calorie burning and time working out is going to show up. Distance can be a bit of an issue as you are usually swimming laps in the pool. But overall it’s a great watch for multiple activities and workout.

Is this the Right Watch?

The Vivo Fit is right around the same cost as most Garmin sports watches. Yet, is there actual value for that price? If you are strictly a runner, probably it is not the right watch for you. For someone who enjoys activity, needs a “coach” to push you along to get more activity, and cares about calories being burned, it is definitely going to have real value. It displays the amount of steps, distance, and calories burned during a full day, plus monitors your sleeping patterns. Rather than guessing about how well you sleep or feeling that you never get enough, you can find out with this watch.

The greatest value is in helping someone who works in an office or feels they do not get enough exercise. It is a watch that can help you improve in areas that might be weak in terms of your activity levels. For example, if you sit at your desk reading briefs or paperwork rather than looking at the computer, you could be up and about reading. The move monitor will flash any time you are inactive for 15 minutes to remind you that activity is good. Being able to record your patterns of activity online for future use is also a great way to see where you are on the scale of reaching your goals. Most products are not for everyone, so understand the value is in what you require from the watch and for many it certainly has that.

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