Garmin Forerunner 10 Review Is A Good Starter Watch

The Garmin Forerunner 10 GPS Running Watch has been out for a couple of years now. Over this time period it has received at least one software update to enhance the pace feature, which occurred in 2013. It is a great starter watch for runners and not meant to be used as an everyday watch for all activities. With multiple features you have the ability to record your running history, download it for tracking overtime, and listening to the automated voice while running to keep up with where you are in pace. For those looking for a watch that monitors a full range of body functions, this is not that watch. Instead, it provides your distance, pace, time, and the calories burned. It does not have a heart rate monitor and is not designed for other sports activities like swimming, basketball, or tennis. It is strictly a runner’s watch.

Description and Features

The Garmin Forerunner 10 GPS Running Watch in black and red, has quite a few features in a tiny package. In looks it is a fairly slim design to fit most wrists comfortably. It has an easy to read display, and four buttons including one for a light and one to start the running features. All told the dimensions are 2.25 inches in height, 1.78 inches width, and 5/8 inches in depth. The Garmin FR10 is able to measure your time, distance, pace and the calories burned. It stores up to 7 activity histories, allowing you to review up to seven days of your workout history.

By reviewing your workouts you can compare how well you did each day and see if you are maintaining your pace or even improving. It also comes with a GPS receiver designed to track your route, speed, and distance. The virtual pacer charts your current pace and bases it on your target pace to help you remain informed while exercising. Depending on the type of exercise, it offers a run/walk feature designed to monitor both running and walking if you have walking breaks in the middle of your workout. A handy feature is auto pause that allows you to resume the time based on your speed. This works with auto laps so new laps will automatically record. After exercising you can connect it to your PC as a means of downloading, reviewing, and even sharing your data. This is a watch made for running and the accidental rainstorm with water resistance up to 164 feet.

Advantages and Disadvantages

The battery life is one of the best things about the Garmin Forerunner 10 GPS Running Watch. It works for five hours continuously, without the need to recharge. You also receive weather conditions with the watch based on your GPS location. It tells you the temp, wind speed, humidity, and if there are clouds or sun. It might seem basic and something you can look up with Google, but if you are leaving from work or haven’t had a chance to see the weather you know what’s going on. The watch offers voice information for your pace, which is nice. The little updates every mile or lap helps you know if you are keeping pace with your run. It’s great if you are just starting out as a running enthusiast or if you like to be 100% accurate.

The watch supplies five hours of working time before it needs a recharge. It has a fairly long battery life, but do remember it is to be used for running and exercising rather than an everyday watch. All products have some negative aspects around the good. While it is not related specifically to the watch itself, you do need to be in an area with proper satellites. To provide you with location, date, time, and weather conditions being out in the open without trees or tall buildings is best. Otherwise, you will have interference and this can mean some inaccurate recordings from your run. The display is not customizable. You have pace, time, distance, and calories, but you can only display two of these items at a time. For someone who wishes to see everything at once this can be a little difficult. A last feature and pro of the watch is frequent updates to the firmware. With new updates there are improvements such as the lap pace update.

Is this the Right Watch?

Watches offer a host of features, some good and some bad. When it comes down to making a decision it is all about whether the watch works for you based on where you live, what features you want it to have, and the value over price. This watch is considered a good starter watch for runners because it offers the key information you would want during running: namely time, distance, pace, and calories burned. The reason it is a good starter watch for runners comes down to the information and the ease of use. You can get the information on your run with ease and have it tell you your pace. If you just want those four features this is a great watch. For beginner runners who may not be able to estimate their pace or distance, it is a great tool to help with that. If you live in an area where satellite reception is not an issue, then one of the larger problems with the watch is not an issue.

Overall, Garmin makes a solid product designed for users who want to hear where they are in their pace, record their run and compare it to their previous runs. You have seven days to download your runs, as it keeps an activity log. Are there better watches out there? Garmin offers more than one watch, so yes, if you want things like heart rate, pulse monitoring, and multisport recordings there are better options. But, if you are a runner who likes keeping track of your pace, how far you’ve gone and a weather update as you run, this is definitely a watch that is well worth buying.

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