Blackberry Curve Mobile Review,Features

Blackberry sets have always been popular among mobile savvy people. The features offered by Blackberry sets have always been worth checking out. When the prospective buyers with a fairly good budget set out to explore the mobiles market, one brand they never fail to check out is Blackberry. Blackberry Curve is one such set that has been quite liked by the users. This smart phone has great sound and picture quality and a plethora of other great features and qualities.

Features and Specifications

Weighing 3.9 ounces, with a slim designBlackberry Curve fits in easily without acquiring much space. The screen is 2.5 inch and the display is 320×240 pixels. The picture quality is great. The shortcut buttons to adjust the volume and open the camera are given on the panel of the mobile itself. The menu layout is clear and easy to access. The handset has a 3.5 mm stereo jack. The camera is a 2 mega pixel with rich and bold 65 K colours support. You can access media files supporting the MPEG-4 format. Creation of playlists and favourites folders makes music management easy. Photos can be edited and altered too. Access to the internet via Blackberry Curve is easy and quick. A new website could be launched within about 7 seconds which is fairly quick than the other Blackberry handsets. The facility of viewing MS Office files like Word, Excel and other files like adobe reader is available. The phone has 256 MB of internal memory with a memory card slot provided in the handset. Class 10 EDGE with a speed of 236.8 Kbps along with Wi-fi are also there. Blackberry Operating System installed in the phone makes it smooth and the access quick. Other standard features like Bluetooth, music player, games, MMS, Java Tech, USB, etc are also available in the mobile phone.


The Li-Ion 1150 mAh battery does justice to the handset by providing a good backup. As users mostly look at the all the multimedia feature, many mobile phones companies forget to pay attention to the battery backup which is the most essential factor in a handset and an undeclared demand by the users. Here Blackberry Curve wins the game. According to the users of the handset accessing the internet, especially the social networking site is like a cakewalk, smooth and swift. The 2 GB memory card provided with the handset is also a pleasure for the users. The headset is seen to be of an average quality. Here they could have faired better. The sound quality is fair and not awesome scoring down on a major feature.

In Essence !

Features, design, specification and performance, in all these categories, Blackberry Curve emerges out as winner proving to be a multimedia phone worth buying!

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