Asus K52F-Sx065V Laptop Review

Asus , trying to get a foot-hold in the laptop segment ,  has come out with another new laptop in the market – Asus K52F-SX065V . The laptop has Intel core i3 Dual core processor with 4GB DDR3 RAM. It has 320 GB hard drive to support the processor. It comes with DVD rewriters which enable the user to take the data backups at any point of time. The highlighting factor of the laptop is the color shine display.

Screen Size & Display

The laptops display is 15.6 inches in size and comes with color shine as the feature. This feature will project the colored pictures or movies in a nice. Whenever there is some increase in contrast then the color shine will boost the shine and makes the picture beautiful. The maximum resolution of the display is 1366×768. This is a high definition LCD monitor which can present high definition videos in a nice way. If you want to have best in your display then you should switch to high definition.

USB Ports and Network

The new ASUS laptop has small integrated webcam to serve the purpose of video chatting and video conferencing. It also has 3 USB ports and 5 in 1 card readers. Since this laptop has a USB port, it will allow the user to get connected with high end camera for better communication. Asus K52F-SX065V has one external VGA port in addition with HDMI interface port. Depending on the need, the user can plug it to VGA or high definition devices. It has 1 TG fast Ethernet card. This network card will be the best feature of the laptop which can provide the user with 1000 GB faster internet. The real use of this network card can be identified only when you are working with high end jobs such as graphic designing, website designing etc. The users don’t need to stick to the network card. This laptop also has wireless connectivity as the backup for network card.

Battery and Laptops Weight

Asus K52F-SX065V comes with powerful battery. It has deliver power up to 3 hours due to the power management setup built in it. It weight just about 2 kg. Hence its one of the best electronic device to carry. In addition to the entire above feature, Asus K52F-SX065V comes with its special set of locking setup. It has Kensington lock slot to protect the laptop from others.

Known Issues and drawbacks

In the list of programs that comes as the gift with Asus products, AI recovery burner has problems. This program is to make a copy of windows 7 pro doesn’t work in the right manner. Apart from that, Asus K52F-SX065V is one of the best laptop in the market. It has been approved and suggested by most of the top laptop reviewing websites and experts. The major credibility of the products is the focus of this laptop on protection and usability. It has great level of service supporting Asus as the backbone.Like its another powerful i5 laptop model this new laptop , may well prove to be a good laptop for students.


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